About Franco LondonI help you grow your brand and your business

What I Do

The types of briefs I work on includes:

  • My brand’s in decline, it needs rejuvenating
  • We’ve lost what our brand stands for
  • I need to decide what new products to launch over the next 5 years
  • We don’t understand our consumers well enough

Why Work With Me?

  • 1. Dedicated expertise. I’ve been working in the marketing industry for over 25 years now so I have a deep understanding of the subject and have worked across many business categories.
  • 2. Global knowledge. I regularly travel the world and am expert at facilitating international workshops and working with Global clients.
  • 3. My network. I have accumulated a broad network of diverse experts that I can bring together to work on projects.


I have over 25 years marketing experience, so really know my stuff. I worked as a client (Nestle) and in an agency (Added Value) so am able to see issues from all kinds of perspectives.

My experience covers a diverse range of brands in all kinds of categories in all kinds of countries. This enables me to see the big picture, spot patterns, make connections and apply myself to all kinds of tasks and problems.

I am particularly known as an expert facilitator and am equally comfortable planning both creative and strategic workshops. I regularly teach on the subject.

Franco London